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  日時 3月24日 11時〜15時(雨天決行)


  会場 大阪府 豊中市 服部緑地公園 陸上競技場


  日時:2024年3月23日(土) 17:00〜19:00
   Tel 06-6396-6211
  締め切り 3月13日 (※3月13日以降のキャンセルはできません)

Kansai Highland Games

Highland Games are held all over the world to celebrate Scottish culture and heritage. In 1989, Maud Robertson Ramsay Nomiyama founded The Kansai Highland Games (KHG) which is still going strong today.

With various activities from Athletics to Piping, Highland Dancing to Tug-o-war and from Pillow Fight to Wellie Toss, the Games are an ideal family day out. There is even a bouncy castle and a slide for the children.

Athletics: In the athletics competition participants will compete in all or any of five different races, each with their own unique bent, to decide who receives the champion prize. Competitors will be segregated by age.

Highland Dancing: One of Scotland’s famous traditions. Originally used as an exercise to keep the Scottish soldiers fit and supple, Highland Dancing is now an athletic event performed by males and females all over the world. A good work out and a great way to keep in shape! Please compete. All levels of Dancing are acceptable.

Pillow Fight: A hard, tough battle which sees the competitor balancing on top of a log and defending himself while trying to knock his opponent off.

Piping: Whenever someone mentions Scotland, Bagpipes come to mind. A Highland Games could not be a Highland Games without the Bagpipes and so at the KHG there are bagpipes a plenty, with competitions in; Chanter, Pairs, a Slow Air, a Reel/Jig, Beginners and a March. All levels of Piping encouraged to join.

Wellie Toss: A competition where friends vie to prove who can throw that boot the farthest. A serious competition with a humorous side.

Tug-O-War: Line up with your friends, or friends-to-be and pull with all your might. Team Participation: Join a seven man team or form your own. This competition puts a different team member through a physical event (excluding heavy events) to earn as many points as possible. Highest scoring team wins.

Heavy events: These are not for the untrained. These events include The Caber Toss, The Stone put and The Weight over the Bar. Interested? Please contact us anytime.

Additional Attractions: Along with the Bouncy castle and slide there are various vendors offering various kinds of food from several countries and of course a whisky booth.

What it takes to be part of The Kansai Highland Games: Yourself and your enthusiasm.

Interested? Contact us