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Sin-Cos! The name is difficult to comprehend and apparently even more difficult to pronounce. It is Sin-Cos, not Sin-Cos as in evil companies, we are all so good, almost angelic. This of course is our own opinion. Visit us and judge for yourself!

The name Sin-Cos, as in the mathematical Sin-Cos-Tan, and was given to us in 1982 by way of a joke in that we were totally different. If everyone went round in a circle, only we went off at a tangent. And it is true.

We continue to explore and are still finding more and more tangents needing to be investigated. Listed below are the current tangents that we have investigated and that we keep operational. If your particular interest is not here, let us know. It may well be a tangent that we are keen to explore next.


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Maud Robertson RamsayiMrs.)

Born and educated in Glasgow, Scotland, Jordanhill College 1963-1966, Anniesland College 1972-1974, Notre Dame College 1974-1975, and Glasgow University 1978, she become a primary school teacher in 1966 and a Lecturer in Education in 1976. Her Scottish interests are Country Dancing (Licenced Teacher), Highland Dancing (Teacher), Tenor Drumming (Ramsay Pipeband), Bagpiping (Ramsay Pipeband), and Kiltmaker. In 1985/86 she was the 1st Lady Chieftain of the KSAS. This inspired her to start lending kilts to those who had none. When this became too expensive to continue as a hobby, Sin-Cos Kilt Rental service began. In 1989 she founded the Kansai Highland Games in Kobe.

Managing Director

Lindsay KawaiiMrs.)

Born in Glasgow and educated world wide, she graduated from Momoyama Gakuin University in Osaka1992, worked in the international department of Sansha Denki 1992-1993, and then returned to Scotland and graduated Med in TESOL 1993-1994. She then taught English at Tezukayama Gakuin High School & Junior High School from 1995 to1998. Since 1982 she has helped out when needed at Sin-Cos and in 1999, following the birth in the previous year, of the world's future champion piper, she joined Sin-Cos as the Managing Director. Her Scottish interests are Highland Dancing (Member of Ramsay Dancers) and Bagpiping. In 1989 she founded the Ramsay Bagpipe Band in honour of her grandfather, Cameron Ramsay.

Sin-Cos Scottish Consultants

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